Mattresses Sold By Noah's Home Furnishings

Noah’s strongly believes furniture and mattresses should be purchased in person because prices and looks do not matter if the item does not suit your needs.

Pictures online do not tell the whole story and we want our customers happy with their purchase.

We will gladly send pictures and prices for items via email so please contact us and we can answer any questions you might have.

We are very friendly and do not pressure you to buy, so please come and visit us!


Noah’s has a large selection of mattresses so we understand it can be confusing when looking at all the beds. Here are a few things to know:

  • Steel is stronger than foam! A mattress without coils must have expensive and very high-quality foams to stand a chance at performing as well as much cheaper steel-coil beds.
  • We do not sell “Air Beds” because the amount of service performed on broken pumps, bladders, hoses, remotes, etc., is very frustrating. Also, when an air bed fails, you have nowhere to sleep!
  • We do not like to sell “beds in a box”, we have tried it and the quality of a bed in a box cannot compare to the traditional beds we sell. A good mattress cannot be stuffed into a little box. The companies that sell beds in a box must charge many times the cost of the bed to pay for all the returned beds they throw away, we believe it is not a good value.
  • Please come and lay on the beds, we have clean, disposable pillow protectors to lay your head on and foot protectors for your feet. Trust us when we say that “laying on a mattress is the only way to shop for a mattress!” Our return rate on mattresses we sell is many times lower than online sellers.